Donation Plan for "The Hound & The Hare"

Week Start Date Song To Be Gifted Recipient Charity Objective
Week 1 9/25/2012 Gabriel To deliver creative arts programs directly to low income, homeless, abused, and neglected children
Week 2 10/2/2012 Miss Comfortable To help families around the world receive the training and animal gifts that help them become self-reliant
Week 3 10/9/2012 Modern Man To protect rainforests, their inhabitants and the natural systems that sustain life by transforming the global marketplace through education, grassroots organizing and non-violent direct action.
Week 4 10/16/2012 On the Edge of a Dime To fund small businesses around the world with micro-loans
Week 5 10/23/2012 Carolina To provide tools, resources, mentorship and community to help creative activists use the power of media and arts to build social movements and impact the world
Week 6 10/30/2012 Tough Cookies To fight Diabetes
Week 7 11/6/2012 Icebreakers To provide clean drinking water to the poverty-stricken
Week 8 11/13/2012 Endless Hallways To fund Alzheimer's Research in search for a cure
Week 9 11/20/2012 Blink To harness media and deploy programs to raise awareness in children about bullying
Week 10 11/27/2012 Chase Mountain Lullaby To address the most pressing nature conservation threats across the globe
Week 11 12/4/2012 Tired of Silence To help the people of Yonso, Ghana by providing microloans and student scholarships
Week 12 12/11/2012 Closed Eyes To find a cure for Multiple Sclerosis
Week 13 12/18/2012 True Love To provide environmental education and outdoor recreation to special needs children in the Greater Seattle area